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For employees, staff and anyone new to the goals we’ve made a fun quiz to help you find your way into the goals through your own personal interests.

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  • 01

    What would be the opening track of your change-the-world playlist?

  • 02

    The 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) - the precursors to the global goals - were adopted in 2000. Which of their achievements do you find the most impressive?

  • 03

    Which image fills you with the most hope?

  • 04

    Which quotation inspires you most?

  • 05

    Which campaigning message fires you up?

  • 06

    Which fact do you find most outrageous?

(the above data has been sourced from the World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation, International Monetary Fund, National Geographic, and Electronics Take Back Coalition)

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