What is this?

This hub is here to support organizations that are committed to contributing toward the success of the global goals. You will find tools, tactics, and actions you can use take to engage your organization and employees in raising awareness of the global goals for sustainable development.

We recognize the enormous reach, influence, and impact that organizations and businesses can have by engaging their workforces with the global goals. We also believe all of these goals are intrinsically linked to the future success and flourishing of organizations and businesses around the world.

These are goals for everyone.

Why get involved?

A healthier, more peaceful, and more prosperous world matters to all of us. Every organization and every person can play a role in achieving this future.

The global goals will be officially adopted in September, so mark your calendar. There are many ways to get involved.

This includes helping raise awareness of the goals within your organization by sharing them through your internal communication channels or your social media channels. We’ve created lots of assets to help you do that.

If you would like to get more deeply engaged, we’ve created some fun actions to help you do that.

Many businesses are getting behind specific goals that relate to their core mission and purpose. For quite a few, this started with the Millennium Development Goals, the precursors to these global goals. If your organization would like to show the world that your company (or organization) supports the goals, you can upload your logo and include a link to your website where visitors can read more.

For employees, staff, and anyone new to the goals, we’ve made a fun quiz to help introduce the goals through their personal interests.

To mobilize your organization or company staff around the goals, you are invited to join IMPACT 2030, which is uniting employee volunteering efforts around the sustainable development agenda.

Whatever you choose to do, the more people who know about the global goals for sustainable development, the more successful they’ll be. If we all rally support for them, our leaders will make them happen.

We need your help to share the goals: in conversation, on e-mail, in debate, on products, whatever it takes to tell everyone.